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Coming in after a spicy week collaborating with Nike, Supreme has tapped a New York collective for week 15 of F/W 19 – the hip hop duo dead prez. The socially conscious rap group seems like a perfectly organic fit to partner with Supreme.

Focusing less on music, dead prez continues to work on health and fitness, meditation, sustainability, empowerment, community building, social services, and entrepreneurship. Founding member M-1 comments, “When you talk about growing, expanding and awakening, it allows you to open up like a lotus to all the things that are here in the world.”

Dead Prez hip-hop artists, left, and M-1 before their performance Saturday night at Hawks and Reed in Greenfield.
Image via The Recorder

This collection sees artwork from Let’s Get Free and Revolutionary But Gangsta across a quilted work jacket, hoodie, sweatpants, T-shirts, 5-panel caps, and a bandana.


Spellout N-3B Parka

Retail price: $368

Image via Supreme

This cotton blend parka with faux fur is sure to keep you warm this winter. Many pockets across the lower front, chest, and interior for all your holiday goodies. If you want if for yourself, you have a good chance of copping if you’re quick on Thursday.


Dead Prez Quilted Work Jacket

Image via Supreme

The only other jacket to be released is in the dead prez collection. Very simple bomber/workwear vibes. I would be cautious of this piece, can’t see it reselling for much more than retail. $198

Back of Work Jacket, image via Supreme

Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Polartec Half Zip Hoodie

Retail price: $158

Image via Supreme

Moving into the hoodies and sweatshirts segment. First we’ll talk about this Polartec. Always incredibly soft pieces. A great addition to anyone’s personal collection if you ask me. The camo may go first and be the hot commodity. Otherwise I’m a big fan of the rest of the color combos. 

Supreme x dead prez RBG Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt

Retail Price : $248

Image via Supreme Community

An all-over print hoodie is another piece we see from dead prez. This features their middle finger embroidered over the sweatshirt. I believe this product will sit since it’s more expensive than a regular hoodie. If you’re interested for yourself, log on in time and you should be able to secure. Can’t imagine this will resell much.

Supreme x dead prez RBG Embroidered Sweatpant

Retail Price: $178

Image via Supreme Community

Of course you can’t have the hoodie without the matching sweats. Similar to the hoodie, we would tread lightly if you’re thinking of buying for resale purposes. 

Shirts and Tees

Supreme x dead prez Tee

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme Community

Firstly is this clean front and back printed tee with one of the dead prez logos. Nothing to get over-excited about but it’s a cool piece if you’re a fan of the group. I think it’s a great call to go after. Black or white are usual suspects who are sought after.

Supreme x dead prez RBG Tee

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme Community

The counter part is this middle finger logo tee. Out of the two, this must be the favorable one if you’re going out for resale purposes. Staying on theme, the 5 colors releasing are black, camo, red, grey, and white. 

Corduroy Shirt

Retail Price : $138

Image via Supreme

Up next is the corduroy shirt. All corduroy with tonal Supreme branding on the left chest pocket. A truly functional piece but I believe is too expensive. I would like this for personal use but may wait and see if it’s cheaper on the secondary market. 

Micro Stripe Mock Neck

Retail Price : $88

Image via Supreme

Lastly on all of the clothing is this mock neck. Again a staple piece that everyone should own but you may be better off to wait until after the release if you’re interested. 


Supreme x dead prez 5-panel

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme

The only hat in the dead prez collective is this logo 5-panel. In terms of the dp branding I feel this isn’t there strongest logo unfortunately. I would not advise going after this for resale. 

Dimensions Logo Denim Trooper

Retail Price : $78

Image via Supreme

Moving on, here is piece of headwear that will have a more promising resale value. It seems Supreme consumers gravitate towards some of the more outlandish pieces – like last week’s Faux Ushanka Hat that sold out quickly. I would guess this cozy trooper could have similar projection. Either way this is an awesome addition. 

Gonz Logo Beanie

Retail Price : $36

Image via Supreme

Next is a Gonz Logo beanie. The Gonz Logo is typically very popular and hits well. However I can’t imagine this beanie doing super well on the secondary market. Would tread lightly unless you’re buying for your own stash . 

Metal Plate Beanie

Retail Price : $36

Image via Supreme

Lastly is another average looking beanie, nothing spectacular. Same advice as the last! 


Knoll Wassily Chair

Image via Supreme

Now we present one of the “10 most important chairs of the 20th century”. Designed in 1925, the iconic Wassily chair became an instant classic. It’s available for a retail of $2,782 normally so we can only assume the Supreme leopard iteration is a bit more. $TBD

dead prez RBG Bandana

Retail Price : $24

Image via Supreme

And to wrap up week 15, we have a dead prez bandana. Like I mentioned last week about the Nike bandanas, these are never a bad play considering their inexpensive retail price and potential for a high percentage flip. 

Resale Value Recap: None noteworthy

This may seem like a mellow drop and it probably is, BUT… rumors are swirling that box logo hoodies and beanies are expected next week. All in all, this week seems to be a dud in terms of resale value but harbor a couple hidden gems or pieces to keep on ice and rock in the future.


When: December 5th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 7th.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. Wishing everyone luck on their desires on this week 15 drop.

– Erik