This past January was filled with a roller-coaster of events and emotions.

The start of the new decade has been one to remember but not for happy reasons but rather for the morbid ones.

On January 26th we witnessed the death of one of the best NBA players to ever grace the game.


As we all know, Kobe Bryant along with his youngest daughter and 6 others passed away in a helicopter crash.

This news came as a shock to all of us and it is simply gut-wrenching. It is awfully painful to realize that Black Mamba is no longer with us.

However, his memory still lives on with us. That is something, that can’t be taken away from us.

His memory is the topic of this article. Nike is paying tribute to the NBA legend with the release of the Kobe 5 Protro Big Stage Parade PE. Here are all the details.

Release Details: Kobe 5 Protro “Big Stage Parade”

Release Date: 02/07/2020

Retail Price: $180

On the  7th of February, Nike is releasing the Kobe 5 Protro as a homage to Kobe Bryant’s 5 NBA Championship in 2010. Here are all the leaked images.

As you can see, the pairs have a split design in the middle. To explain why that is, we need to see what pairs the Black Mamba wore in the NBA finals of 2010.

Bryant wore Nike Zoom Kobe 5 “Big Stage Home” and “Big Stage Away” en-route to his 5th championship title. Both the pairs have tattoos etched into it representing some of the most important stats of the Black Mamba’s career.

The stats include 25,207 total career points which he gathered together on February 1, 2010, allowing him to become the Lakers all-time leading top scorer. Along with this, the tattoos also include his average of 27 points per game.

What better way for Nike to pay their tribute than to release a pair which etches Kobe’s memory into history.

The Kobe 5 Protro combines the aesthetics from both the Home and Away pairs. The Big Stage Home detailing is shown on the medial and the Away detailing is displayed on the lateral.

Kobe’s signature is etched onto the back of the pairs, immortalizing him.

Resale Value

Word of caution!

(I understand that for us, reselling sneakers is merely a business. However, in this case, my personal opinion would be to purchase the pair for the purpose of reselling it. Let Kobe’s memory not be made into a money-making scheme, no matter how lucrative it may seem.

I understand that business doesn’t stop no matter what and therefore, this will be my analysis on the resale value. It is up to you to follow it or not, but once again I would recommend waiting on some other release to make a quick buck.)

The sneakers are releasing for $200 on Nike’s official website. It will be no surprise to see the pairs being sold out in a couple of hours or even less.

A quick look at Stockx will show you the current resale value, and remember it’s not even released yet. Given the untimely death of the Black Mamba, the price is going to be highly inflated.

The Big Stage Home and Big Stage Away, which were released almost 10 years ago are still being resold for an average price of $600.

We can expect the Kobe 5 Protro to reach at the very least a resale price of $1000. This is a very high price premium fueled by homage to one of the greatest NBA players ever. Emotions are at an all-time high for the 7th February release.


So there you have it sneakerheads, that is all for today to fulfill your appetite. This article is a personal tribute from myself to Kobe Bryant.

I’ve been watching him play since I was a kid and it was an honor to grow up synonymously with him. His struggle, mentality, and hard work is a symbol of motivation to us all.

Black Mamba made 8 and 24 a symbol of greatness. The numbers signify hard work and talent coupled with achievement.

It was heartwarming to see tributes from all over the world. Even in a state of disparity, we became united. This was the greatness of Kobe.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and till next time.

For Kobe.